Friends of the Library


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The Friends of the Library is a non-profit organization of volunteers who raise money to support the Westminster Public Library. All members volunteer their time and financial support so that children and adults can enjoy this precious resource. The primary source of funds comes from sales in the Friends of the Library Bookstore, which is overseen by a Board of Directors and operated by the volunteers who staff the bookstore.


The Friends of the Library is the only outside resource for meeting our library's needs. The Friends of the Library pays for children's and adult programming, craft materials, guest speakers, prizes for various contests and reading incentives, paperback books, audio books, and much more. Major purchases funded by the Friends of the Library include: new chairs for the children's section and expansion shelving for the library.


As the county funding for libraries continues to decline, the role of the Friends of the Library becomes more and more important. The Friends of the Library is a 501 c(3) tax exempt organization so every donor is entitled to claim a tax deduction for each gift/donation to the Friends of the Library. If you enjoy what our library provides, help us make these good things possible by clicking on Shop, Donate, Volunteer, or Membership in the navigation bar above.